Yummy Embrace


Video Description:

Beautiful Yankee Riley Nixon isn't afraid to take what she wants, and today what she wants is Brad Sterling. Decked out in a ebony sundress that is so taut it is practically sheer, she struts up to him and steals a smooch to let him know of her unequivocal interest. Brad is blessed to let Riley take the lead, particularly when her lead commences out with a taste of her total succulent tits.After taking the time to rubdown and wring Riley's ample knockers, Brad arches his paramour over the table and then rolls up her miniskirt to unsheathe her slit. Ripping off to his knees, he dives face highly first into her cascading muff. Step by step working Riley's clothes off, Brad is sure to proceed his poon feast. He even glides a finger into the tightness of Riley's beaver to help opened up her cascading cream everywhere.Getting down on her knees, Riley unwraps Brad's trunks so that she can enjoy a taste of romp as well. She doesn't hesitate to enjoy on Brad's stiffie with her delicate mouth, but she doesn't stop there. Arching back for a moment, she gropes Brad's hardon all over her globes and nips to enjoy the experiencing of his stiffness against her mildness before resuming her interrupted blowjob.Now that they are both heated up, Riley is blessed to skinny over the table so that Brad can press into her from behind. His drains are lengthy and smooth, and firm enough to make her generous globes quiver. Within moments Riley's bellows of arousal are packing the apartment and acting as a guide to tell Brad when he is striking just the right spots.When Brad climbs onto the table, Riley knows just what to do next. She joins him on the marble tabletop and then takes the time to cautiously pose her landing unclothe vagina so that Brad glides right into her hungry poke hole. From there it's a no holds prohibited stiffie rail as Riley takes all of the elation she can get out of her individual steed until her entire assets gushes with passion.Switching things up, Riley scoots to the brink of the table so her bottom is balanced on the edge. That puts her at the flawless height for Brad to stand before her and proceed to smash away at that exquisite snatch. Working one of Riley's gams up in the air to switch up the angle of penetration, Brad does whatever it takes to bring his gf off one last time.As Riley's poon walls pulse around him, Brad takes several final drains before providing in to his own urges. Pulling out, he lets Riley do the highly last of the work. Her delicate had is what brings him off while aiming his money-shot all over her globes and belly.

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