My Creepy Boss, Gig #01


Video Description:

Kat Dior is necking with her newly hired receptionist Nikki Chivalrous when the office cleaning lady walks in after hours. Nikki is still freaked out the next morning and gives her manager the cold shoulder. She's afraid the entire office will know what happened and wants to end the affair before it costs her job. But Kat wants to accomplish what they started. Kat cancels the cleaning service for that night to ensure no more interruptions. Still, regardless what Kat does to get Nikki to display her affection, she steadfastly refuses. Finally she asks Nikki to come over and rub her shoulders. Not wanting to shirk her responsibilities, Nikki dutifully massages her boss. Kat moves onto the sofa and hands her a bottle of oil. She insists they both undress so their clothes won't get stained. Nikki complies and sits nude on top of Kat's bare rump. When Kat turns onto her back, Nikki is averse to touch her intimately, until Kat invites her to play with her bush. Nikki combs her thick matte of pubic hair, but she gets funked by a sound in the hallway. Kat sits her down assertively and licks her pussy till she cums. Then Kat takes a seat on the sofa and spreads her legs. Nikki sucks her clit till her manager trembles in orgasm. Then Kat drowns her face in Nikki's ass and insanely rubs Nikki's slit while rimming her asshole with her wet mouth. After Nikki cums, Kat leans over the sofa and Nikki rims her ass with two fingers jabbing in and out of her sopping pussy. Kat swirls her hips rubbing her pussy onto Nikki's. After the lesbians accomplish tribbing, they lick each other's lips till they cum one more time on the clock. Will things be bizarre after this? Click to find out!

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