Bad Influence, Scene #01


Video Description:

Cheerleading team captain Adria Rae is streaming a vid of herself making out with nubile Cassidy Klein, until Cassidy's stepmom Reena Sky comes home. Reena is raging that Adria is in her house. She already told her daughter-in-law that Adria is not permitted to hang out with Adria. She's a bad influence. Reena confiscates her phone and goes to her bedroom to glance through her photo album.

At first, the selfies of the girls are innocent, and Reena wonders if she's overreacting. Then she gets to the racy pics of Aria flashing her boobs and playing with Cassidy's ass. She reads a text that says they should do it in her mom's bed. Reena can see that Adria is truly sexy. She sends her a text pretending to be Cassidy inviting her over. She wants to teach her the apple doesn't fall from the tree.

When Adria comes over, Reena confesses she used to be a bad damsel and misses how much fun it can be. She thrusts her back onto the sofa and confronts her about her feelings. Adria's never been with an older woman. She also doesn't want Cassidy to find out and be upset. But Reena is too domineering for Adria to resist. Reena strips Adria's top and bottoms. She tweaks her nipples until they are hard, and she writhes her Cougar body on top of her. She pulls off Adria's panties, spreads her legs and puts her mouth on her pussy, like she's wanted to do for so long.

Reena's riding Adria's face when suddenly Cassidy comes in through the sliding door in the bedroom. Cassidy demands to know what is going on. The naked girls explain they are having a rapprochement. Reena tells Cassidy she's fine with them being together and invites them to do it right here. Adria convinces Cassidy with her sweet converse and kisses. Reena watches Cassidy go down on Adria. Then she fumbles Adria's pussy when Adria licks Cassidy's raw slit. Then Reena sits on Adria's face while Cassidy fellates on her clit. Cassidy tribs Adria and makes out with Reena at the same time. Cassidy laps at her stepmother's pussy till the Cougar orgasms in Adria's arms. Then Reena fumbles the cum out of Cassidy!

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